Welcome to the Booktrack Studio


We're thrilled you're here and hope that you will share your feedback with us so we can make the Booktrack Studio better.

To get started, we recommend you start by watching our tutorial videos which will show you how easy it is to get started making a Booktrack. 

Don’t have your own story to Booktrack? Visit our help page that links to sample text, as well as websites you can visit with tons of Royalty free stories, poems, plays. and more you can use to Booktrack.

The Booktrack Studio is currently optimized for the Google Chrome, Opera, and Firefox browsers on your PC or Mac, so make sure you have the most current version of a supported browser installed. You can download the most current version of Google Chrome here.  The Studio won’t yet work in other browsers like IE yet, but we will be adding support for all of these very soon. 

Thanks for your support and we feel honoured you’ve chosen to use Booktrack. We look forward to your feedback, which you can post on the general discussion forums 

The Booktrack Team


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