Why am I having problems logging in to Booktrack?


It’s most likely that log in problems these are a result of local environment, network or connectivity issues.

If most people in a room are logging-in within a second and one person takes minutes then it’s 99.9999% a local network, connectivity, computer, or browser issue.

Here are some troubleshooting steps to gather more information.


If a login process takes longer than 10 seconds :

-Don't wait minutes, it never takes longer than a few seconds.

-Try accessing something else on ‘the internet’ to see if there is a general connectivity issue (Google search something)

-Close the browser (entirely) and try logging-in again

-Try not logging-in, but instead going to the http://services.booktrack.com/account/monitoring endpoint to see if the page comes up. It should take a fraction of a second as this page does nothing except say hello

-Try logging-in from another computer where a login has been successfully performed recently 


If these don't work. post a question here.


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