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Booktrack classroom is an education focused reading and writing and audio platform that can be used in a variety of ways. One thing we commonly get asked is: 

“Can I use other people’s material in Booktrack Classroom?”.

There is no simple answer to this question, but we have put this quick guide together to help you determine what is appropriate in your circumstance.


We recommend that the copyright of the material is reviewed and followed, especially the fair use provisions. Copyright varies from publication to publisher to territory and there is no firm rule as to what is allowed. That said most publishers make it easy to find out what is an acceptable use of their material.

Fair use

Get familiar with the concept of Fair Use in education. USA users can review the materials at


This is another good link:

These links present guidance on how to approach this matter, along with other guidance in applicable jurisdictions. The Wikipedia guide is a useful primer on the subject:

Non public

Note that content created within a classroom is not publicly available. It is limited to that classroom alone and not available to anyone outside the classroom. You can not share or distribute from the platform.

Non commercial

Creators of titles in Booktrack Classroom not commercially benefit through the platform – i.e. you can not sell titles. This means the creation process a non-commercial use of any material used in the creation process.


Adding music and other audio to text is a transformative process. This is an important point in use and re-use of copyright work.


Transformative non-public, non commercial educational use of material has a higher likelihood as being seen as fair use. 

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