June Classroom Updates


We have some awesome new features for Classroom which makes it easier than ever to use! 

New text library
You can now choose from some of the free-to-use texts in our new text library to create your own Booktrack titles. 

Spell check 
Spell check your work in the text editor before publishing! We now also have pop-up bold and italic buttons that you can click on while editing. You can also "view in reader" directly from the text editor.

Changes to My Projects landing page
My Projects is now split between My Work in Progress and My Published Work, so users can easily see what is published and what isn't. You can also select to create a new Booktrack from this screen.

Lesson Plans under Help
Click on "Help" at the top-right corner of your screen to access lesson plans from the drop-down menu. Lesson plans are only available to teachers, not students.

Classes listed on homepage
Now the digital classrooms that you "own" are listed on the homepage when you log in, so you can go directly to your students from there.

Keep an eye out for other small changes that will make it easier than ever to use Classroom!


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