Signing In Problems Within Schools (Login Issues)


Booktrack Logging in / Signing in Issues

If you are experiencing log in issues when using Booktrack Classroom (and you have verified your email address) within a school environment, it could be that your web browser needs an update (or is not fully supported) or you may have a firewall issue.

Booktrack currently works with the following web browser:

Google Chrome (best experience)


Mozilla Firefox


Here is a link to how to update your web browser.

If the problem still persists after updating your web browser, the problem could be a strict firewall blocking Booktrack.  This is an easy fix for your IT department. The following information will help with the setup.


In order to use Booktrack Classroom within the school environment we will require that the school allows traffic to the Booktrack site - this may require the system administrator to set up a number of exceptions within the school firewall.


The system administrator must allow all traffic to the following domains and ports:


* on ports 80, 443

* on ports 80, 443

* on ports 80, 443 and 4443

The traffic is comprised of the following content types:

- Standard image formats (*.jpeg, *.jpg, *.png, etc)

- HTML, CSS and Javascript files

- Ogg Audio files  *.ogg

- Other text based configuration and web service content, including XML and JSON content

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