Increasing Font Size and Other Custom Settings.


The latest update to Booktrack includes some exciting new features.  These features are currently only available on the web app version, using a web browser - but will be available on the standard Booktrack App soon.  To access these features simply press pause while in the reader mode.  Once paused, you will notice two additional settings drop down menus at the top right corner.

Clicking on the cog wheel brings up the Playback Settings shown below.

From here you can adjust the position of the reading indicator, turn on / off the "Auto Adjust Speed" setting, and increase the reading speed.

If you click on the Aa you will be shown the text settings.

From here you can change the text size, the line spacing, and the color schemes. 

These preferences will be saved and remembered each time you log back into Booktrack.





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    Hi, thanks for this trick. I paused the track by tapping on the center of the page but all I see is the "share" button. The other 2 buttons are missing. Is this feature for web only lor does it work on android too?

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    Chazz Hill-Hayr

    Hey there. Good question! These features are currently not available within the Booktrack App - only the web app. Using a mobile device - use your internet browser and head to to see all of these features.

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