Booktrack Management And Sharing In Booktrack Classroom


We have recently added the ability for teachers to allow sharing of Booktracks created by students in Booktrack Classroom.  Here is how to share.

First of all head to the "Classes" tab up the top left.


Then click on the class which has the students work you wish to share in it.  This will take you through to the "Class Details" tab.  From here click on the "Bookshelf" button.

Then locate the book you wish to share and click on "Allow Sharing".  You can also choose whether you want to show this title in the class bookshelf or not.

Once sharing is allowed, if you hover over the book cover and press on "More Info" (this appears once you hover over the cover).  From here you will see the options to share on Facebook, Twitter, Google, or Email.

You can also copy the Booktrack Classroom URL for a direct link to the title.  This will look something like "!/classes?booktrackId=c7ce7759794047be9ab9802c52c67bc9".

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