New Booktrack Embed Option


We are really happy to announce the much requested 'embed reader' option in the latest update to Booktrack.  This exciting new feature allows you to embed your Booktrack into your websites, giving the reader the option to experience it without leaving your page.


You will notice the new publish screen has the 'Embed Code' option added in.

If you click on "Show Options" you will be given the ability to select from a range of various sizes.  Select the best option for your website and then copy your Embed Code.


Once you have copied the code - paste this into your websites source code.  (See example).  Please note, this will look different depending on your Content Management System that you use.


Once the code is copied in and saved, publish your page to see your embedded Booktrack on your website.

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    Tara Dobbs

    I tried to put the code onto a regular post on my WordPress site and it didn't work. I don't have enough to pay for a major Premium WordPress site to do the coding to post Soul's Little Lie on there permanently. I'm at a loss here. Any ideas to help me with this? Thanks.

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