How to Create a Class , Add Students and Customize Your Bookshelf


Creating a class in Booktrack Classroom ( is very easy.  To do this, simply login to your teachers account and click on "Classes" at the top left.


Next up, click on "Add a Class +".


Fill in the class details information and hit save.

Click on "Class Members" and click on "Manage Students Manually".  This will allow you to enter students names and a common password (or a random password will be given for each student).  Once you press 'add' the student will be given a login ID and password shown.  Once you are finished adding the students, click on the "Bookshelf" tab to select titles to be shown to your class.




Click on the 'Publisher' drop down menu and select "Booktrack" to show all titles in our platform.  From this view you can select "Show On" to allow the title to be shown in the classes Bookshelf.  Alternatively click 'off' to hide the title from the classes Bookshelf. (See "Dracula's Guest" example in the following screen shot).





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