New Feature: Volume Automation


We are extremely excited to announce the new audio feature for Booktrack studio "Volume Automation".  This is a fantastic new tool that allows you to accurately and efficiently change the volume / add fade in - fade out on an audio region at any point in the text.

This feature allows for a more consistent mix that caters for any reading speed.

A great use for VA is fading down an ambiances volume when a music track is introduced so the levels remain consistent and the attention is brought to the music track.

To add / open volume automation simply select a region


Click on the "Edit Volume" icon at the top right corner.



The volume editor screen will then open up with a fade in and fade out pre set for your selected region.


To view the whole region scroll down on the mouse wheel.


You can add as many volume automation points as you like by simply clicking on the VA (Volume Automation) line and dragging the point to your desired location.  At the top, volume will play at full volume, at the bottom volume will play at 0% volume.  To remove a VA point simply single click on the point itself.

You will notice the words up the top of the VA area.  These are there so you can accurately change the volume of your region to the exact word.

Once you are happy with your VA edits, hit "Save" to save the automation to your region.  If you would prefer to start from scratch with the VA simply hit 'reset' to change the volume to its default fade in / out.

If you want to completely remove the volume automation from your region simply click 'Delete'.

To scroll left and right to view the whole region, click and drag in the scroll box at the bottom of the VA screen. 

Once you save your volume automation for a sound region, the fade in / out (seconds) in the main screen will be reset to 0 seconds and the Edit Volume icon will be highlighted to show that it is active for that region.  


If you want to change your VA simply re select the region and hit "EDIT Volume".


If you have any questions regarding VA, simply email me at






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